Colorful summer salad with quinoa, corn, feta, tomatoes and avocado

Officially we are in the middle of summer. At least in theory. I want summer salad! In fact, like every year, it is a changing pool of emotions, ranging from barefoot to grass, wearing a scarf and jacket. I think I have not worn any socks since April - maybe that was a fatality in connection with the weather conditions: a nasty cold blew me away in the last few days.

Fresh salad recipe for quinoa salad (South American)

That's why some vitamins have to come and somehow the summer has to be on the plate. I am in good spirits and trust in our summer. He'll be back. And then there is no stopping the topic of summer salad! And if it were up to me mild 23-25 ​​degrees are perfect. So you can stand it. Tomorrow will probably be barbecue and picnic weather in large parts of Germany, suitable for Germany game. And even though the following recipe may have been South American, I would like to deny any connection to the World Cup. I do not like to participate and I want to keep my blog free of football.

Instead I have the perfect summer salad in my luggage, which also fits only for barbecues and picnics. At lunchtime as lunch in the office it is just as suitable as for dinner. It's just incredibly versatile, tasty and refreshing.

 recipe for summer salad with quinoa, corn, avocado and feta

Quinoa in organic quality and different variations you get meanwhile in the organic supermarket, health food or Alnatura dm or hit. The preparation is really simple and reminds of couscous. Otherwise, it is more common ingredients. I also always prefer to buy corn in organic quality - the selection is now also large. Make sure the avocado is really ripe, but not too soft. When choosing the herbs, you can be creative. I've used coriander and parsley, who likes to add some fresh mint. Lime juice makes it sparkling and exotic, but lemon juice also works great and gives the necessary freshness kick. If you do not like sheep's milk feta, you simply take the counterfeit version of cow's milk.

Have fun and good appetite - whatever your opportunity to make the salad!

 Salad recipe with quinoa, corn, feta, tomatoes and avocado - summery fresh

Summer salad with quinoa, corn, feta, tomatoes and avocado

for 2-3 large portions


150 g quinoa
1 glass of corn, 230g drained weight
1/2 to 1 red onion
100 g feta (feta cheese )
1 avocado
1 handful of cherry tomatoes
2-3 tbsp smooth parsley, freshly chopped
2-3 tbsp coriander, freshly chopped
4 tbsp olive oil, extra virgin
2 tbsp mild milder or flavored white wine vinegar
2 Tl lime juice
1 Tl honey - sea salt, freshly ground pepper


Put the quinoa in a sieve and rinse under running cold water.
Put the grains in a saucepan and add 350 ml of water. Bring to a boil together at medium temperature and cook for about a minute.Depending on taste and sharpness, add only half of the onion to the other ingredients, then crumble the sheep's cheese loosely over it.
Halve the avocado, remove the kernel, remove the pulp from the skin and cut into bite-sized pieces. Also add to the salad ingredients.

Wash the tomatoes well, cut in half and add to the salad.
Sprinkle the parsley and coriander over them.

In a small bowl of olive oil, the Vinegar, mixing a dressing with lime juice and honey. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the salad.
Mix everything briefly and thoroughly, then serve directly.

If the summer salad is to be served later, it should be left without the herbs and avocado prepare. Mix them just before serving - so the salad lingers well in the fridge for a day.

Blog -Event C - Zisch! Erfrisch mich! (Closing date July 15, 2014)

And because the salad is so summery and refreshing, it fits perfectly to the current blog event" Zisch! Have a nice refreshment "with Zorra, to which this time the lovely Simone invites you to the S-kitchen.
It's also the 100th anniversary event - and the 10th Kochtop anniversary year - really amazing! Congratulations!