Fast winter cuisine: vegetarian Brussels sprouts and chestnut quiche for dinner and lunch

I like Brussels sprouts. And chestnuts. These are just two flavors that go with winter.
Whether as a Brussels sprouts salad with apple, pecorino and walnuts or as a juicy chocolate chestnut cake after Sir Paul McCartney - I always tend to prefer the fancier ideas.

Brussels sprouts and chestnuts in a dish, on the other hand, are often a classic. Fried in the pan, delicious! As a side dish for goose or for Sunday roast. Everything's delicious.
But I really like both in a wonderful quiche, which you can bake beautifully after work and warm up the next day for lunch or eat cold.

The floor is a lightning floor. Instead of making a classic shortcrust pastry, simply add cottage cheese or cream cheese to the dough. I really like that for fast quiches. You do not have to let the dough rest and can process it immediately because it is elastic and does not break. I also save the blind baking of the soil here. Of course, if you do not want it to soak too much, you can prebake it easily.

While the oven is preheating, you can sauté the Brussels sprouts and chestnuts in butter and lightly toast. This gives the whole thing a little more flavor and a fuller taste and bite.
The chestnuts I use the way prefabricated in a vacuum bag. Of course, you can also roast them in the bowl, but this is rather time-consuming during the week in the evening.
Whether you like cheese in the quiche or not, is purely a matter of taste. I used the quiche as a remnant and grated something middle-aged Gouda for stuffing. You can also skip the cheese without any problems.

 Quiche with Brussels sprouts, chestnuts and lightning shortcrust pastry

Brussels sprouts & chestnuts quiche

for a quiche - or Springform with about 24-26 cm diameter

For the soil

200 g of flour, plus something for the work surface
1/2 Tl salt
100 g of cold butter, cut into flakes
100 g of low-fat curd cheese (not drained)

For filling

300 g Brussels sprouts
200 g precooked chestnuts (vacuum bag)
3 eggs
200 g sour cream (or sour cream)
100 g cream
75 g grated cheese (middle aged Gouda, cheddar or mountain cheese), optional
some butter for frying and greasing
sea salt, freshly ground pepper and freshly ground nutmeg
some freshly chopped parsley to serve


Preheat the oven to 175 ° C top and bottom heat. Grease a quiche dish or springform pan with a little butter.

Put all the dough ingredients in a bowl and quickly knead into a smooth, elastic dough with your hands or in the food processor. This works great with a dough hook or Thermomix.
Roll out the dough on a floured work surface in the size of the baking pan. Put the dough into the dish, pull up one edge and cut off any excess dough pieces.

Clean and wash the brussels sprouts, remove the outermost leaves, carve the trunks in a cross shape.
Remove the chestnuts from the packaging and the Halve the pieces.
Heat some butter in a pan over medium temperature and gently sauté Brussels sprouts and chestnuts for about 5 minutes and roast lightly.

In the meantime, whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl with the help of a whisk , Add sour cream and whipped cream and stir in vigorously.Serve lukewarm or chilled sprinkled with parsley.